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  • Portable and lightweight, that makes it ideal for traveling. You can take it in your bag.
  • Suitable for students, travelers and amateur archivists, it is better for the entrepreneur to take notes after the meeting.
  • It comes with optical character recognition (OCR) software so you can convert and edit your photos.

  • Good for graduates to prepare for the final thesis. Collect all the files in the library with this portable mini printer.
  • During the study period, you can use this printer to print the teacher's notes and knowledge.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connection, the phone connects to the cloud to print via the peripage application (it is only compatible with this application)

  • Memorandum, registration, message, exchange of friends.
  • All information of content on the phone screen can be printed immediately
  • 1000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that runs 24 hours a day, 1.5 hours of charging time and 1 week of standby time

  • ♡ Convenience photo printer : Keep track of your work and life anytime, anywhere, fast printing, efficient learning, entertaining,feel free to share your special and happiness moments.
  • ♡ Portable Size and Fashion Design: Simple stylish shape,compact size slips neatly into your shirt pocket, Built-in 1000mAh battery that lets you take it anywhere. Perfect Gift for your friend, family.

Q: Can itconnectto PCand print?

  • A: We provide Windows driver and you can use if just like a normal printer. It provides 2inch in width while the length is decided by content instead of fixed.

Q: Does it need ink cartridge?

  • A: No need, the printer head heat the thermal paper coating dot by dot and creats text or picture.

Q: What’s the thermal paper specs?

  • A: It can use all kinds of roll paperwith size under 58 mm in width, and 30mm in diameter.

Q: Can it have color printing?

  • A: It can use mono-color thermal paper such as blue, red, yellow, pink. There is color photo printers in the market

Q: Can it use thermal paper with adhesive or label?

  • A: Yes, it can use all kinds of roll papers with size under 58 mm in width, and 30mm in diameter.

Q: What’s the LIR(Label Intelligent Recognition)?

  • A: The PeriPage uses emit-absorb IR sensors instead of normal reflection sensor to capture the label gap more precisely, so it can study and identify different labels height and provides easy operation.

Q: Why mobile phone can’t connect to the printer?

  • A: Ensure the mobile phone bluetooth is on, while one printer can only connect to one mobile at the same time, you can power off the printer and power on it again to have another connection.

Q: Power key indicator light tips

  • A: Green on --- normal status or charging finished;
  • Red on --- lack of paper, cover opened, over heat or charing status;
  • Red flash --- low battery.